In today’s fast paced Google driven society, every webmaster is trying really hard not to leave any stones unturned for the sake of being within the first page of relevant search trends. Search engine optimizers are going through a brainstorming session every week and trying hard to sort out the strategies to outgun their potential competitors and share the same screen space with the toppers. But, does the marketers are truly aware of clarifying the theme of their websites to the search engines? A website without a central theme is like a traveler travelling without a roadmap and getting lost amidst a desert.

Siloing the architecture of the websites:-

Let me explain it by citing an example! Let’s think of a kid who has gone to a confectionary shop to buy some yellow colored candies, but unfortunately the shopkeeper found it hard to find required yellow candies from a huge container containing various colored candies.


The kid felt disheartened and left from the shop and went to another one. This time he was very happy as he saw separate containers containing candies of unique colors and he easily pointed out to the jar containing yellow colored ones.


The concept of siloing originated from the thought of grouping relevant topics of a specific subject into distinct sections within a website. Let’s consider biology textbook and it consists of three sections viz. botany, zoology and physiology and further these 3 distinct sections consists of relevant topics. While structuring the hierarchical architecture of the website, we need to implement this same analogy of grouping the relevant subjects within relevant sections with a central theme.

Let’s delve deep into the hierarchical architecture:-

Just think of our heart as the main theme of each websites and all the arteries are the relevant subtopics consisting of further branches. Without proper functioning of the heart, we will not be alive for a minute and this same concept is also applicable for a site’s performance within the search results for relevant queries. Thus, before even planning for the keywords, it is truly essential to plan up the compact hierarchy of our website. Undoubtedly, ranking algorithm of all major search engines facilitates higher ranking to those websites whose themes are clearly clarified and are relevant to the purpose of using targeted keywords.

How to implement Siloing in website architecture – Physical Siloing

You must have seen file cabinets consisting of certain number of drawers! While I was a student, I used to stick labels (with the name of the subjects written on it) on each drawer and used to keep relevant textbooks and class notes accordingly. But have we ever felt the need of such idea while organizing the folder structure of our websites? We need to think of the cabinet as the root folder, drawers as the various subfolders containing required number of relevant files.

Suppose , the theme of our subject is digital marketing, then try to visualize a cabinet consisting of case study files of some branches of it.


If we can organize the folder and file structure format logically, then we can clarify the theme of our website to the search engine as the architecture of our website hierarchy is compact. Crawlers will now easily detect the main subject of the website and treat the topics and subtopics as the classifications of the actual theme.

Virtual Siloing (virtual architecture of website):

Apart from physical architecture, a virtual architecture of a website also exists via links from relevant sources across the worldwide web.  We should never think of virtual architecture as link building but creating logical virtual paths to our website via relevant sources with inherent trust.

Insights of link architecture

Internal links: Whenever we think about backlinks, we always try to sort out the resources for inbound links without focusing on the internal linking between the relevant pages. Logical internal linking facilitates the smooth navigation of the crawlers which further helps in the smooth flow of link juice across the internally linked pages. There can be innumerable internal pages and unless the pages are wisely interlinked, lots of such pages may not get crawled. Thus for the sake of crawler friendly link structure, internal linking should be accurately implemented!

Inbound links: Incoming links should always be from the relevant themed sources with natural trustworthiness! Also the hyperlinked text (anchor text) should be contextual with the ideas surrounding it. Whenever a crawler is crawling one of the relevant back-link source of your website, the contextual presence of the anchor text will undoubtedly help to enhance the link profile of your website as it will pass natural link juice to the linked webpage.

Contextual inbound links from few relevant resources with high domain authority results in everlasting good impact on ranking while huge number of backlinks from resources with no relevance and with low authority will never bring any fruitful results or may cause penalty.

Outbound links:  While we remain focused on enhancing the quality and number of inbound links, the necessity of outbound links gets ignored. If we can logically link out to the relevant resources with high authority, then the authenticity of our content will increase simultaneously .The good impact of high quality inbound links will only become thoroughly effective once it is ideally balanced with accurate outbound linking.

Accurate siloing of websites forms the fundamentals of high page rankings as it justifies the relevancy of using targeted keywords! It is the integral aspect of authentic SEO or else it is like keeping a budding rose plant in the darkroom.

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