2013 had been an eventful year in the world of search engine optimization as Google web spam control and search quality analyst team hadn’t left any stones unturned for the sake of displaying only relevant and informative resources in the search results. Right from the beginning of 2013 till the end of the year, there were series of major and some small updates! Moreover, the core search ranking algorithm got revamped and was officially announced on 26th September 2013 as “Hummingbird”. The core algorithm was revamped to understand the intents of the users behind every search query and display relevant results accordingly. Quality of resources in ever changing search results revealed that only authenticated and informative updated contents which justifies the relevancy of the meaning underlying the search queries will be sorted out and displayed within the 1st SERP(search engine result pages). So, it is now obvious that only legitimate strategies (adhered to Google search quality guidelines) backed by wise thoughts are what needed to ensure consistent improvement and gradually reaching the top. There is always a thin narrow line which separates the ethical (white hat SEO) from the unethical ones and one casual or aggressive approach may lead to crossing that line unknowingly. The core objective behind each updates are to eradicate out the poor quality resources and to sort out the updated and in depth informative resources. So, what we need is to optimize the central theme and each targeted pages of every website accurately in accordance with the respective subject.

So, let’s delve deep into the crucial aspects of ethical and results driven methodologies-

* Clarification of actual theme and compact architecture:–

Imagine a student has gone to a bookshop where innumerable books of various categories are haphazardly arranged and hence the shopkeeper found hard to find the required one! That’s why the student moves to another shop where each book of relevant category are arranged accordingly in respective bookshelves and that’s why the shopkeeper found out the required book in no time. Now, just analogize this scenario with a search engine crawler crawls an unstructured website and a logically structured compact website. That’s why; the physical architecture of the website should be logically classified into relevant sections with further classifications of each section. The compact hierarchical structure of a website is what needed to clarify the actual theme of every website and it is the basic fundamental of optimization. The methodology of grouping accurate topics within relevant sections is termed as “Siloing” and it forms the solid foundation for the further optimization.

* Optimized and factual updated contents:-

People across the World Wide Web search to find relevant and updated information which fulfils their purpose and that’s why Google has revamped its ranking algorithm smartly to sort out only those resources which fits the needs. That’s why optimizing the content is not just about trying hard to use the targeted keywords contextually within the content, instead it is about justifying the relevancy of your contents in accordance with the respective keywords. Moreover, the content should be updated with the insights of ongoing trends so that it can provide thoroughly updated information with wisely sorted out take away points. Now, let’s focus on some integral aspects of the so called optimized contents-

1. Does size matter or not?

“It is not the size of the dog but the size of the fight in the dog” – the vitality of this age old proverb is truly applicable in the context of length of the contents! Yeah, actually the clarity of the facts mentioned in the content is truly vital rather than the length. The actual subject of the content should provide the insights of the vital facts without any factoids. Thus a content which precisely describes the vital aspects of its subject can truly outgun the elaborated one without much clarity of facts.

2. Updated with the trend

Searchers will always want to get updated information to fulfil the purpose of their search and that’s why Google search ranking algorithm sorts out the updated information rich resources and displays those accordingly. That’s why providing updated facts in the content in accordance with the trend are what truly what needed to sustain the good position in the ever changing search results.

3. Genuinely unique

Contents which are written by just changing the vocabulary of already published and renowned contents are apparently unique (as it will pass the plagiarism test of Copyscape ) but those contents are actually like serving old wine in new bottles. So, writing someone’s thought in a different vocabulary does not justify the uniqueness of content! You may get inspired by reading some amazing article but you should imply our own logically justified thoughts while writing a same relevant article. Thus, you should logically clarify the vital aspects of your written contents so that it bears some enriched KPIs (key performance indicators).

* Keywords research – Moving on with the search trend

The integral aspect of successful optimization is getting the insights of search trends in the targeted industrial segment. That’s why; an optimizer needs to be versed with the insights of the subject of every website! It is truly necessary to think from the perspective of the searchers to understand that for what kind of search queries the targeted webpages are eligible to be displayed within the search results. Whatever is coming in your mind, you should check out the search trend of those queries in Google Trends. Search trends vary according to geographic locations, so it is mandatory to check out the ongoing trend in our targeted geo segment. You may notice a sudden increase in the search trend of some queries and you should grab those keywords as the competition for those may still be at a very nascent stage! So, you should try to be the early bird to catch the worms. Also, don’t ignore the Google instant suggestions and click on the relevant one. Never forget to keep an eye on the proximity terms as those provide the insights of varied search behaviour of same subject. Now, jot down the list of your selected keywords in a notepad and upload it in the Google Keyword Planner to check the avg. Monthly search volume. The number of search results (which are displayed just ahead if the search results) and the average monthly search volume are the 2 inevitable aspects which help us to calculate keyword effective index. Effectiveness index of a keyword is a ratio between the average number of people searching for it and the number of results of search results. Analyzing the type of search results undoubtedly helps to decide whether to finalize a query as a targeted keyword or not.

* Backlinks! Think it as relevant virtual pathways

Every webpage bears a voting power (to some extent) and they cast the vote by linking out to some other pages! But again, it should contextually link out to some other relevant resources to create a natural virtual linked up structure. Thus, sources of inbound links should always be from the relevant resources containing contextual anchor texts. Think of backlinks as the logical virtual pathways to your website and it is always necessary to focus on the quality of backlink sources and naturalness of the anchor texts. Quality of incoming links is still a vital ranking factor in Google! So, it is always important to keep in mind that the quality and relevancy matters more than the quantity.

* Social recommendations? (or at least G+)

Whether social signals contribute to high ranking or not, is still a mystery! But, genuine Google +1s plays a vital role behind the high rankings and it has been proven that there is truly a correlation between +1 recommendations and top ranking in search results.

Panda 4 is the first major update in 2014 and its impact has revealed that websites with relevant information rich factual contents are considered as worthy resources to be displayed. Now, one thing is very clear that despite further updates to existing algorithms or any new one, there is nothing worrisome for the optimizers whose wisely sorted out strategies are ethical from the core.

So the high time has arrived when the SEO professionals should think wisely and sort out the effective strategies adhered to ethical guidelines which ensures never ending success.

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