Print Media Advertising Services

Inherent importance of print media

In spite of a lot of people doubting the significance of print media in the modern digital world, the glory of print media will never die regardless of how sophisticated and convenient the electronic and the new media gets. According to a recent research, the average American spends a half-hour daily reading newspapers, magazines and journals and the story is almost the same in the rest of the educated world. A print advertisement is more informative, builds an image and makes a more lasting impression on the minds of the readers than internet advertisements.

Wise usage of print media

It has been seen that consumers trust advertising in print media more than other media. Studies show that when asked how much trust they attach to advertising in the various media, consumers gave magazines and newspapers a score of 63%, TV 41% and Internet 25%. This is the reason why even in the age of digital media, the usage of print media is abundant while any brand is in urgent need of promotion. While using print media for advertisement of product it is important to know the market situation, identifying the consumers and the competitors and conduct research about them and focusing on the point where your brand is different from the others. In this way, your print ad will grab the most attention.

Our experience and ideas make the difference

Over the last two decades, the advertising team of Mind and Matter has helped a lot of brands to leave everlasting footmarks in their targeted marketplaces. Our experience and expertise have taught us how to create a print advertisement which builds a strong corporate image of a brand and holds out the promise of a betterment of lifestyle to a reader. Professional advertising design which encompasses judicious use of colour, layout, positioning and written content, which appeal to a reader’s emotions, is our forte.