Website – Important touch point of any brand/company

Most businesses are dependant heavily on the website. It is probably the first port of call for a customer nowadays after they have been made aware of a brand. You need to impress a customer within a few seconds to spend more time there. We have a creative team of designers who will get your customers to stick around.

UI/UX of a website - User interface and experience needs to be such that it gives the wow factor to the customer. User journey across the website and ease of navigation will enable action. A user needs to get what they are looking to do in quick easy steps. If you are looking to make your user buy a product you need to have the least imperfect conversion funnel.

Most importantly our designs will have your brand in mind and integrate the brand philosophy and guidelines. Mind & Matter can help you with design and develop an awesome website with creative and modern designs backed up with the latest technology. We will ensure that your website is loved by both the user and the search engine alike.

Brief check list towards building a great website that works:

  • Proper Site Architecture
  • Creating the right hierarchy
  • Easy to understand navigation
  • Wire framing
  • User Interface design
  • User experience testing
  • User journey optimization
  • Optimization for search engines
  • Site Maps
  • Content strategy and development
  • Clean coding and technology
  • Server and hosting support

We are experts in the following technologies to develop a website:
We work with many open source PHP CMS like Wordpress, joomla and Magento. Web design with Photpshop, html 5, CSS 3, J Query and custom Java script. Web programming with hard coded PHP, Laravel (PHP framework) and JSP. Web database is done using MySQL.

Mobile App – Get a fine APP that your users would love to use

We bring in the zing in your mobile APP, the finesse that is required to fulfil the goals that your APP is set to achieve. We have a great team of designers to design the user interface and define the user journey in your APP. We design, build, test and improve all the time till your APP is launched. Once we gather feedback we improve on that as well to make the least imperfect product.

We are adept at developing APPs for Android and iOS keeping in mind the distinct features that the platform has to offer.

Once an idea is in place we plan the development process, then we start designing and building the APP. Our in-house specialists get in the action to make it happen and our process in agile and analytics driven. Discuss with us an APP project for your start-up or enterprise needs and we will not disappoint you.