Now, don’t get surprised. 65% of all videos in India is consumed in mobile networks. Include those consumed through PCs and Tablets and you will be astounded.

Get your brand video for Digital Channels

We will help you all the way. Right from ideating to the final output we can deliver brilliant brand content to get the audience hooked…this is how:

  1. deate a story for the brand or an occasion
  2. Prepare a script as per the requirement of the story integrating the brand
  3. Story boarding in details
  4. Requirements for production
  5. Shoot with best equipments and awesome crew
  6. Choose competent actors depending on budget
  7. Edit footage with background score
  8. Insert dubbed Voiceovers or dialogues
  9. Your video is ready which is going to make your audience go…WOW

Now that the video is ready make it go viral

We use all digital channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to make it viral. The content is king and though a promotional budget is mandatory the game is to get as many organic engagement as possible. Our videos get as much as 25% organic reach and engagement out of thousands.

GIFs – The new social media content hero

Facebook has redefined content consumption with GIFs. Smart, short, light and dynamic that is what you achieve with Gif content. This just spices up the monotonous brand creatives that goes in social media. Gifs are a regular ingredient in our content dish for social media.