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You are an entrepreneur or owner of a small or medium enterprise. You know about search engines like Google, Yahoo and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. In fact there is a possibility that your life revolves around them and you are addicted to social media. Chances are that you might even have heard of the terms like PPC (Pay per click) etc. Now, kindly answer these questions.

Have you used them to benefit your business?

Are you aware that these platforms have been used to market products and create huge brands?

In the west more and more small business establishments are taking the digital plunge. Study shows a yearly jump of 70% to 80% from the previous year.

Actually, it is a boon to small business or SMEs with limited marketing budget.

Your money doesn’t get wasted as you can precisely target your customers. Results can be tracked and ROI is much higher compared to any other form of marketing.

We have benefited immensely from online marketing and so did scores of our clients.

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  • Diganta chacravorti

    Mind & Matter has been associated with the brands that I have worked with for over 8 years. The first association was with UB with brands like McDowells No 1 and Romanov vodka in 2005, and now it is with Aircel. What I always seek and look forward to in an agency is their ability to understand the clients business needs, crystallize the same into a powerful proposition and translate this proposition into clutter breaking creative output that works in the market place. And Creative Notch has been delivering this to me with elan and at gods speed. They continue to deliver to add value to the business and brands that I handle on a daily basis. There core strength being incisive creative process, fast turnaround time and great creative output.

  • Aniruddha sinha

    Have utilized the expertise of Mind & Matter during my stints at Tata Indicom, Pepsico India and now as Brand Communications Head at Lafarge. I have been truly impressed by their structured thought process, creative outputs and domain expertise while developing communication both in the traditional marketing space as well as digital/social marketing space. Wish Surojit and his team many more years of good work ahead.

  • abhishek bannerji

    An agency which not only delivers high quality creative work but does so within timely and within budget. I have used them extensively for 2 years during my stint in ICICI Bank, Kolkata. Now they are also doing fantastic work in the digital marketing space. I wish them all the best.

  • soumya

    I would like to highlight that it was pleasure working with the Mind & Matter team. ‘Mind & Matter as the name suggests does deliver quality services with lot of creativity. The kind of work exhibited by the team is worth mentioning and caters to high standards. The team works with passion and zeal. We had worked with them continuously for 2 years and every time they had successfully delivered quality output. An agency like this will always keep satisfying its clients. I wish them all the very best in their future endeavours…

  • Eric datta

    Mind & Matter is playing a pivotal role in the business of Hughes Global Education. They are responsible for our complete retail marketing. For the last 2 years they have been truly giving us integrated marketing solutions with all our creative communication support and digital marketing support. They have been given targets for web hits, lead generation and admissions for programmes, which they have managed to meet most of the times. It is a pleasure working with them because they have got under the skin of our business.

  • Eric datta

    It is very rare to find a firm that understands the pulse of the NRI market overseas as Mind & Matter does. They provide excellent creative work for our clients located in the US, Canada and UK. They quickly understand our objectives and give us options that really excite clients. Also they are extremely professional and responsible and are willing to help us meet our deadlines day or night. We have dealt with many creative teams around the world but we trust Mind & Matter for our most important assignments. We continue to use them and highly recommend them to all our major clients.

Why Mind and Matter?

In the wide and varied world of brands and advertisements where everyone is up in arms to grab the consumer attention towards their products and services, Mind and Matter has always stood apart from the crowd. Check out…

W e have 20 years of cumulative experience behind us which helps us to reinvent and rediscover ourselves every day

O ur qualified and competent programmers make sure that we deliver the best possible results every single time.

O ur creative and inventive designers create original and impressive ideas in designs that invoke both curiosity and awe.

T he expert digital marketing team understands the communication needs of the clients and deliver the results according to the desired needs.

O ur thorough understanding of integrated marketing through all these years of experience have helped us to cater fruitfully to the needs of a diverse clientele.

O ur strategy of quick response and result driven approach help our clients to stay ahead.