Organic search is a very important factor as it brings the wallet-out-customers. A person who has searched for a relevant product and service is most likely to buy that product. Our Search marketing team keeps a close eye on the latest algorithm updates of Google and other search engines. Following the guidelines and optimizing a website increases the SERP of a page. We always have used the ethical way of SEO and hence none of our websites have suffered much due to algorithm changes.

Over the years we have helped many websites from the middle of nowhere to rank on the first page of Google. Needless to say many of our own clients have been acquired through smart optimization of our website.

SEO is more than just ranking

Though ranking is important, relevance is the key factor for us. We ensure that the user has a great search experience. Our optimization process starts with keyword research, we also analyse the hierarchy of a website and suggest the perfect structure. We help curate the content with the right mix of keywords to balance the user experience and Google crawler efficiency.

SEO is an important part of Digital Marketing

Search marketing is the key to a successful Digital Strategy for most companies and brands. If you are found at the right time there is a chance that you will make sales. We also blend organic search with Social Media and Paid search marketing in Google for an integrated digital campaign. Our true but clever content marketing strategies helps our client’s website stand out in the crowd and continuously generate business online.