Tv Ad/Commercial agency

"Forever memorable ads on televsion needs some uniquely creative thoughts which has the potential to get emotionally mingled with the mind of the audiences"

Impact of television commercials on viewers

There can remain no doubt about the widespread reach and the impact of television commercials in today’s world. Even in this age of internet, the interest in TV commercials has not waned in any way. Everyday television viewers come across an excessive number of images and commercials for various products and services. Recently the Interactive Advertising Bureau (2011) found that 70% of Internet users in Spain were looking for advertisements on the Internet that they had previously seen on television. Hence we can very well conclude that the impact of this medium of advertising cannot be sidelined by the new media or the onslaught of mobile phones.

Advertisements which grab attention

The way in which the fifth estate have influenced our lives, people every day, are bombarded with thousands of advertisement campaigns and promotional meassages on radio, TV, smartphones, Facebook, twitter, email and others. How to stand out in this clutter?? TV commercials, unlike print or radio ads can focus on both the senses at once and by abiding by a few rules can influence a customer’s decision and direct it towards them. Planned choice of words, attractive visuals, slogans and jingles, etc all come together to make a commercial with a lasting impression.

What sets us apart?

A television commercial agency with innovative advertising concepts, Mind and Matter has a team of advertising experts who are brimming with ideas which can visually impress the targeted viewers making them glued to the tv screen thereby magnifying the reach of the brand. We are full of unpredictable and original concepts infused with high levels of enthusiasm and professionalism. A number of brainstorming sessions and creative and strategic arguments are conducted to zero in on an advertising concept that will connect with the targeted audience and deliver the brand’s promise.