Amplifon gives ode to Fathers:

Going with the brand’s tagline To Listen Is to Love, we created a video featuring a son and his often-ignored father who wants his busy son to listen to him. The influencer target group was leveraged to garner engagement on the occasion of Father’s day.

Campaign Objectives:

  • Leveraging the hype around Father’s day to leverage attention from the influencer group, keeping the brand connect intact.
  • Increase brand awareness and engagement among the influencer group on Father’s Day and to generate leads at the same time.

These objectives were fulfilled by the campaign as it garnered huge engagement on both Facebook and Twitter.

Listening is Love:

The influencer group, who fall under the age bracket of 25-45, were targeted, as many of them often feel guilty about not listening to their elderly parents due to their busy schedules.

There was a series of build-up posts, which increased the pre-launch hype around the video. The video itself, received a lot of response on social media platforms.

We also did a series of contests revolving around the video, receiving tremendous positive response from the viewers.



5.9k times shared
4 lakhs in views
1 Million unique users reached


10 March 2021