Pran Frooto India

Pran Frooto India

Connecting with the regional audience:

The challenge with this campaign was to connect with the regional audience, who form the core target group of the brand. As the brand was the prime sponsor of the regional version of the popular reality show, Bigg Boss, we ideated a campaign around the game show with weekly prizes as well as a grand prize.

Ideating around reality television:

The prime objective was to create brand awareness and taking the brand to a new high by extracting huge engagement. Hence, the campaign strategy was planned and implemented in order to garner huge engagement from the core target audience. From the cover photo to the weekly contest running upto the grand winners, the audience temperament was kept in mind.


Target Audience: The core target audience of the brand falls under the age bracket of 18-40, hailing mainly from Bengal and North-eastern states of India.


As the main theme of Bigg Boss revolves around weekly elimination of one contestant, the strategy was planned accordingly:

  • Weekly contest on the Facebook page where audience was asked to correctly guess the elimination and win gift vouchers.
The grand winners of the two month long contest were flown to Lonavla to attend the grand finale of the show and meet the celebrity anchor over there.
Regular maintenance posts were done on the Facebook page to maintain the level of engagement surrounding the contest.


  • 1 million users reached
  • 1,34,835 people engaged
  • Engagement Rate: 16.77%


10 March 2021