Tygr App

Tygr App

Riding the popularity bandwagon of App Cabs:

Tygr app came to us with a different kind of challenge as this was a unique app which gave freedom of choice not only to the passenger, but also to the driver of the cab. Mind and Matter team was involved in the entire journey of designing, developing and marketing of the app from its inception to completion.

Business Goals:

  • The design of the app had to be user-friendly, keeping in mind superior and visually attractive UX and UI.
  • Marketing the uniqueness and innovative features and offers of the app to increase app installs.


  • Designing the app from scratch keeping the UX and UI in mind.
  • Running brand-awareness and promotional campaigns of the app and its features on social media
Running app install campaigns and offer ads on Facebook
Design and development of the entire website of the app:


10 March 2021