Responsive Web Design Company

New era in web design

With the onslaught of Tabs, Blackberries and smartphones in the everyday life of people, designs of websites are personalized and optimized for mobile devices. As of May 2013, 91% of the people of the Earth own mobile phones and 56% own smartphones. Hence, today the resolution of the screens of almost every website has to be compatible with that of the mobile screens. So, responsive web design is the answer.

It is the present! Don’t wait anymore

So, to meet the need of the hour, every website needs to be optimized for the mobile screen. With responsive web designing, when a user opens a website from a mobile, the website changes to accommodate the resolution, screen size and scripting abilities of the device. The whole design, and not only screen size of a website, needs to be changed. Hence responsive web designing is needed to develop a site which fulfills the needs and expectations of the prospective and existing clientele of a company.

Most Search Engines don’t have a separate crawling mechanism for desktop and mobile. So, whenever a search query is done over mobile a responsive page will definitely rank higher and get more traffic. So go responsive and be a smart player in the market and if you are not doing it right now you are going to look like so ‘yesterday’.