62% Small Business Owners Are Losing Money With Facebook Ads [But You Don’t Have To]


Facebook’s population is massive.

It is quite natural for businesses to make their presence felt on Facebook and promote their services.

Facebook Ads can do wonders for your business but almost 62% small businesses fail at it.

Reaching customers successfully is very tricky and we will tell you exactly how to do it, so that your money doesn’t get wasted.

The Importance of Reach Campaigns

Today, we thought we would take a little time to explain why Facebook reach campaign is vital to your Small Business’s social media strategy. In Facebook, reach refers to the total number of unique Facebook users for a message, or the maximum number of potential people who could have been exposed to a message. Be it a photo, a status update, or a video, all content that is published on your Facebook page.

It is like how newspapers and magazines uses reach to measure circulation numbers.

Reach is important to campaigns, as a result of it’ll assist you to perceive the potential impact of your messages. It’s necessary for quantifying the scale of your message’s universe and understanding if a campaign is no-hit. You’ll think about reach as the denominator in your measurement equations. We use reach alongside engagement numbers like clicks, share, reactions or replies to calculate an engagement percentage.

Brand Awareness or reach campaign is created to reach customers for small businesses or new businesses who may possibly be a match to their target market; these are cold prospects that do not know their brand at all.

You cannot expect a sale from reach campaign, what you would like to happen is to put a brand recall on the minds of these new audiences. You can up your effort and go for cultivating curiosity to the audience to actually engage on your page or messages or click a link. This is measured with the number of people reached, the ad gains and the number of engagement those ads receives.

Understanding the importance of Facebook reach campaign for your brand, believe it or not, you can expand your brand’s reach in a few simple steps. Here are six free ways to help you:

Know Your Potential Audience

Study your audience behavior.  Dive into Facebook Insights very closely to know which content they want and at what time of day are they reading it? Run campaigns during that time of the day! Also analyzing which content is the most responded to? Are they consuming content like a photo or article or only responding to video? Are they using mobile or desktop to engage with it?  As much as possible you are catering specifically to your target audience then you will get the result in more engagement in reach campaign and increase your chance of staying in your audience’s timeline.

Practice Brevity, Be Topical and Don’t Go Hard to Get

Don’t be coy with your content and call to action, when you are running any campaign. Be succinct as well as relevant, when you are promoting your content. On Facebook, users want to engage, but they need the opportunity. They never want to read a long post. Keep an eye out for referencing current events and don’t forget to post about holidays and promote it via reach campaign. Also humourous content and memes garner  high engagements, if it’s well-aligned with the voice of the brand.

Understand Your Content

Content is always the king of any social media strategy, even when you are promoting. Quality content is the X factor to expand Facebook reach and engagement. Photos are ranked as the most engaging type of content, but video is creating the buzz nowadays. So if you want to say something, you can combine it with an image or video? But keep it original, try not to steal it off the web and post them as your own.

According to research by Buddy Media, using the words “where,” “when,” “would” and “should” increases engagement. Posts which includes “would” consistently yield the greatest interaction because they allow the audience to agree through a simple “like” rather than writing a comment.
Engage With Engagement

The audience always loves to know you are listening or not and many of us often overlook this. When you like their comment or you comment back, it will encourage them to engage more frequently in the future. Increased interaction will definitely boost your visibility.

Turn Your Follower’s Friends into Fans

Friends of your followers can be reached through Facebook ads and you should leverage this relationship. Many of us are rarely using it. Targeting them is not just a way to reach your fans’ friends, but also your competitor’s fans and more.

Adjust Bidding & Budget According  To Time

We have previously mentioned that if you know the time when your fans are engaging more, you can spend more then. In Facebook, whenever you are running any campaign you should think more about the bidding and budget. You can reach your potential audience with a minimum budget if your bidding and timing well. We will discuss this in detail in the next blog.

The bottom line is that Facebook wants the audience consuming the best content. Its algorithm rewards the businesses that create the coolest and most relatable content.

Always remember that Facebook ads work for those, who do the basics right. It all depends on the approach and how you want to reach your goal.

Focus on building relationships with your audience on Facebook and it willl do wonders for your buisness.

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