What apparently seems to be the same thing is not exactly same! That’s why it is essential to understand the relational aspects between 2 things for which they seemingly appears to be the same one and also the aspects which actually differentiates them from each other. Actually, in my prolonged career of 10 years in digital marketing, I have been asked by some clients and associates about the facts which distinguish digital marketing from internet aided marketing. Trust me, this question whirled through my mind and I found it hard to figure out the exact facts. After lots of studies and discussions with some marketing analysts in renowned forums, I think I have found out the facts.

Actual fundamental of digital marketing

With the advent of digital (electronic) resources, the concept of marketing and promotion has been changed drastically! The term “digital marketing” or “digital media marketing” is actually nothing but the implementation of marketing ideas using the accurate resources. Resources includes personal computers(PCs), laptops ,Smartphone, tablets, mobiles, gaming consoles, digital billboards , digital magazines, DTVs and lots more. The resource may vary from one campaign to another depending on the objectives of the promotion and even more on the budget. Resource management is the most essential aspect of this marketing as a marketer should understand the advantages and drawbacks of each resources while resource planning of any digital campaign.

Cardinal aspect of internet marketing

“Internet marketing” refers to the marketing and advertising efforts which are fully driven by the resources available all across the World Wide Web. Although, internet marketing is broadly segmented into some integral components namely search engine marketing, display advertising, affiliate marketing, email marketing and social media marketing! But it all depends on the purpose behind any promotion and the intelligence of the marketers to sort out the needful resources in accordance with the goals of each campaign and use them effectively to ignite the flare of success.

Apart from very few, internet is accessible from all sorts of digital resources. Thus, it is quite obviousthat internet marketing is a component of digital marketing! But in a wide spectrum digitally aided marketing also includes voice broadcasts, podcasting, instant messaging apps, seamless text messaging, digital broadcasters and digital billboards. Every marketing campaign is encircled by a boundary of limitations as per the estimated budget of each. Very often, it is hard to utilize the maximum advantageous aspects of digital marketing to the fullest due to limitations of budget. Actually, implementation of some strategies of it needs usage of some hi-tech resources which doesn’t fit within a nominal budget. Due to barrier of budgets, it is never possible for any marketer to create a comprehensive digital marketing plan and that’s why they need to focus more and more on executing their marketing plans via wide ranges of internet resources. Opportunities are galore across the internet! So, what is truly needed are out-of-the-box ideas and to be versed with the uniquely advantageous features and drawbacks of the resources to sort out the needful ones effectively. That’s why both the terms “digital and internet marketing” seems to be the different name given to a same subject. But the fact is these are analogous with each other but definitely not the same as a whole.

Lastly, I feel that gauging the extent of success is about an accurate cost effective analysis which determines the probable ROI which could have been achieved based on the investment compared to the actual ROI. That’s why whether an internet marketing company or a digital marketing firm, the adopted marketing strategy should be effective enough to meet the estimated ROI without exceeding the financial threshold.

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