Providing an entire new and unique ream of image-sharing, Pinterest has been in the news for the last couple of years. In the present age, where photography and image-editing are experiencing a revolution, Pinterest is providing a platform to share these pieces of visual art with ease just by pinning the images from the screen with a couple of clicks.

With over 20 million users, Pinterest now drives more referral traffic than Google Plus, You Tube and LinkedIn combined. Needless to say, this site is proving to be a huge online opportunity for brands, both big and small. The current facts of Pinterest are given below.

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Here are some tips for marketing a small business on Pinterest.

 I. Registration:

While registering on Pinterest and setting up of account, it’s important to write a short description of the business and also the website URL of the company website.

 II. Creation and organization of boards

On Pinterest, different boards can be for different kinds of business and these boards have to be unique and relevant to the company’s profile. By sharing images on these boards and organizing them in a way which is reflective of the business, information about the company and its products can be shared, keeping in mind the target audience.

Creation of unique boards like “Grillin’ and Chillin’” has helped Lowe’s to garner almoat 3.6million followers and one of the most followed brands of Pinterest.

A huge Pinterest profile with over 126 boards and 13,000 pins, Martha Stewart’s website teaches that more is better in case of Pinterest and proper, planned organization is of utmost necessity.

 III. Adding a “Pin It” button

Adding a “Pin It” button to the company’s website and also on the images posted is an essential element of the marketing strategy on Pinterest. In this way, existing and prospective clientele and also the visitors on the site can easily go the Pinterest profile from the site.

 IV. Quality over quantity

The web is getting more and more visual with every passing day and the need for producing and sharing high quality images of products and services which are most noteworthy and popular. The focus should be on quality rather than quantity.

Etsy, with its over three hundred thousand followers visually promotes its products on its Pinterest profile, thereby generating interest and increasing revenues.

 V. Maintain regularity

The key to build up a loyal fan following and innumerable shares lies not only in posting good content, but posting good content regularly. The followers may lose interest in a particular profile if it’s not updated with new and stunning images regularly.

The Today Show’s Pinterest board, with over twenty-three thousand pins and more than hundred and six thousand followers does an amazing job of adding pins on a regular basis.

VI. Rich pins:

There are five types of Rich Pins on Pinterest which are:

  • Article pins include the headline, author, story description and link
  • Product pins include real-time pricing, availability and where to buy
  • Recipe pins include ingredients, cooking times and serving info
  • Movie pins include ratings, cast members and reviews
  • Place pins include an address, phone number and a map.

Rich pins can be used for providing relevant information about the pins to the interested users.

VII. Making images share-able

It is advisable that the images posted on the company’s website or on the Pinterest profile are not watermarked so that users and visitors can easily pin them on their profiles without having to worry about copyright.

VIII. Search engine optimization

Content in Pinterest can be optimized for search engines and this makes a company’s profile easier to catch the notice of visitors. The username of the company, description, pins should be optimized keeping search engines in mind. The names and descriptions about the pins can be optimized with hashtags, links, categories and keywords.

IX. Infographics

Infographics are the most popular content on Pinterest. Business-related infographics can be prepared and posted on the company’s profile to generate more interest.

X.  Monitoring traffic

There are a number of tools to measure, analyse and compare the trafiic on the profile page of the company. The analytics and metrics provided by Pinterest can be used for tracking recent activities for followers, likes comments and repins and simultaneously pins should be targeted.

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