The recent trend of digital marketing in India is one of the most significant aspects of modernization brought in every industrial segment. In fact, its integrity has made it a vital subject of career opportunity for the new gen. Thus comes the requirement to take trainings in order to do justice to the opportunities. For this sake, many institutes have come forward to provide training on digital marketing.

To explore every prospect of digital marketing, one needs to know how to merge creativity with profitability in needful proportion. Marketing thoughts of new gen marketers have somehow got biased with the digital resources! The principal of marketing is always rooted to the context as it was in the traditional era. The only change that needs to be done is to frame it effectively in digital mindscape. This is where the significance of pursuing training from top institutes comes. The top digital marketing training institutes in India are discussed briefly.

Digital Vidya, New Delhi –Being the first digital marketing training institute to launch social media marketing workshop series in the country, Digital Vidya is ought to be a leading digital marketing training company in Asia. Brands like Nokia, eBay, Google, Reliance, Naukri, Toyota, Star TV and more such have taken part in the trainings of the institute, across the continent.

Digital Soch, Kolkata – With the aim to enhance the future prospects of talents in India in the field of digital marketing, Digital Soch goes on to educate, mentor and academe people on the same. The clientele for the company includes established names such as Aditya Birla, and more from different industries.

Digital Love, Bangalore – To accomplish the objective of reaching not just the locals but also the whole of the country, Digital Love from Bangalore provides online training courses on digital marketing. The institute is considered as one of the top 10 in the field due to the professionals’ immense hold of knowledge in the field.

Delhi School of Internet Marketing, New Delhi – Comprised of digital marketing experts worldwide and not just from India, the digital marketing academy with the name Delhi School of Internet Marketing focuses on developing the creative senses of the students. It has also been noticed that students from other countries are joining the institute for the outgrowth of their academic prowess on digital marketing.

IMRI, Bangalore – One of the prime names as digital marketing training institute is IMRI, who have extended their reach not just in India, but also have taken things global. The professionals from the institute provide latest techniques and tips to the student on the subjected field.

EduKart, New Delhi – A fast growing digital marketing training institute in India with its professionals having a vast hold on the concerned field is EduKart. Alongside their profound knowledge, the industry also talks about how the professionals are experienced in teaching digital marketing to the students.

Digital Nest, Hyderabad – Digital Nest from Hyderabad is always eager to bring varieties in lessons while providing different courses on digital marketing. One major specialty carried out by the said digital marketing academy is that the teachers get into the insights of every subhead of digital marketing courses while giving away lessons.

Digital Academy India, Haryana – The main aim of Digital Academy India is to prepare their students to become experts in the fast growing competitiveness in the field of internet. Starting from case studies to evaluating marketing strategies, the academy ensures the enhancement of tangible skills of their students, who are looking forward to have a future in the digital marketing platform.

IAMAI, Mumbai – The IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India) group from Mumbai is a registered not-for-profit industry body, dedicated towards endorsing and expanding of the services on the fields such as online and mobile. The uniqueness of the digital academy lies in the fact that it is, since its inception 10 years back, still the only expert group in India that covers both the mentioned platforms.

Mind and Matter Digital Academy, KolkataProbably the most visionary digital marketing academy in India, Mind and Matter Digital Academy is consisted of exclusively experienced professionals from the field. With a glorified history in digital marketing through the last decade, the academy is known to be a prospective brand in the concerned industry.

These are not all, there may be lot of other professional training institutes across the nation which imparts high quality digital marketing education and are leaded by stalwarts of the industry. But, the above mentioned 10 institutes not only imparts knowledge but also educates the students on real life case studies to enrich their problem solving skills and that’s how the aspirants of today can become the most sought after professionals of tomorrow.


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