For those webmasters, who are literally running out of patience as their website isn’t receiving bulk traffic despite implementing all legitimate SEO strategies, PPC seems to be an oasis! Pay per click campaigns can truly open the floodgates of revenue but the campaign managers should be aware of some vital metrics which are keys to unlock the doors of profits. Without delving deep into the crucial aspects of PPC, it is not ever possible to ensure high returns on investment. So, let’s have a look on the inevitable metrics which should never be ignored:-

Positive impact of negative keywords:- Multiplying even number of negatives results in positive! Although this is an age old mathematics formula but this same formulation is somehow applicable for PPC campaigns! Adding negative keywords to your campaign can make your ad ideally relevant as it will not appear for any unwanted search queries and hence will increase your chances of higher ROI as your ad will only be visible to relevant audiences. Let me explain it by citing an example – suppose you are the owner of a red wine manufacturing factory, now obviously you will not want your ads to be seen by a searcher who is searching for white or green whine! Thus, you may use terms like white and green as negative keywords in your campaign. Thus, it facilitates your campaign by enhancing the chances of clicks as the ads are only visible to potential buyers and reduces cost by excluding unwanted terms.

Quality Score:- A jockey will never be able to win any horse race (even if his horse is strongest of the lot) until he can ideally tame his horse. Same analogy is also applicable for a PPC campaign! Even if your bidding budget is much higher than the potential competitors your campaign will never be worthwhile until the targeted landing pages, keywords and ad content are not relevant to a person seeing your ad. Suppose, a person searching to buy a bouquet of red roses and while searching his eyes were grabbed by the relevant title of your ad and your landing page consists of wide ranges of red rose’s bouquet! Or suppose he lands up on a page which consists of miscellaneous bouquets and he have to navigate to some other pages to find what he finds. Now, just think of the 2 scenarios! In the 1st case the person landed up on a page where he found what exactly he was searching and in the next case he landed up on a page from where he had to navigate to some other pages to find what he wants. High quality score facilitates your ads to reach within top few ads (ads above the organic search results) even with a nominal bidding budget. Thus, for the sake of ensuring high ad positions with a nominal budget, we should focus on enhancing the quality score.

Actual understanding of CPC:-  Actual cost per click is less than maximum CPC! Finally the amount you will have to pay for is sometimes much less than maximum PPC. Keeping an eagle’s eye on the average CPC and search volume of the ads provides the insights of estimated maximum CPC. Usually, keeping maximum cost a bit higher than the average cost along with good quality ad contents helps to reduce actual CPC. Adsbot-Google calculates quality score, max CPC bid amount and impacts of ad extensions to determine the ad rank. Suppose the advertiser whose ad is immediately below your ad with quality either same or higher than yours, bids US $ 4(INR 246) then you will have to pay a penny more than it, to retain your position.

Potential Keywords:- You may have used a catapult to hit down mangoes! But if you couldn’t have hit down the ripe ones, then your efforts were not worthwhile. Likewise, you may have used innumerable tools for researching relevant and trendy keywords but you should wisely sort out the keywords out of the list to include in PPC campaigns. Especially those search trends with high organic competition are not recommended as SEO keywords for newly registered domains can be included within PPC campaigns. Keywords with high search volume and moderate paid search competition are actually ideal at the initial phase of the campaigns.

Competition analysis:- The average bidding budget of potential competitors and estimating the quality of their ad contents provides in depth insights of the crucial aspects which can outgun the competitors. Using competition analysis tools like Spyfu or SEMRush undoubtedly helps to provide thorough report of the competitor’s activity helps us to figure out our areas of improvements. Sometimes, missing out certain crucial keywords in our campaign results in losing out to the competitors or unnecessarily bidding for keywords with low search volume delivers no competition! Thus, analysis of competitor’s activities at the starting phase of campaign or starting a new segment in the existing campaign is quite mandatory.

Don’t ever think of PPC as a shortcut to enhance traffic as starting a campaign abruptly without delving deep into the crucial success driven factors is like finding a risk prone shortcut to reach your destination.

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