Social media marketing is a highly dynamic sector and one that faces frequent changes with each passing day. It would not be wrong to say that social media is moving from adolescence to post pubescent adulthood. Along with it, the marketing platforms in this branch of new media are evolving as well in technology and infrastructure. The old analog paradigms of print and mass media marketing and publishing are being pushed and pummeled. They are being held more accountable and measurable.

So, in order to keep the competitive edge, one needs to stay ahead of the game by knowing the latest tricks and trends. Here is an overview of the emerging trends in 2014 that would go beyond.

  • Twitter on the rise

Although a smaller player compared to the social media giant i.e. Facebook, Twitter has lately been in the news for making all the right moves and at present it is set to rule the social media marketing kingdom in some years to come. Twitter has done top-line business revenue of 243 million dollars in the fourth quarter of 2013 and has been giving priority to visual content as well as promoting the sharing of richer content while providing a mechanism to get people’s e-mail contact information. It has also gone ahead and launched several new types of advertisement. Hence, twitter would be a profitable option for the small business owners.

  • Engaging visual based content

It has been clearly stated by the social media experts that creation of visual based content is at present the most engaging factor on any social media platform. According to surveys, infographics make up 93% of the most engaging posts on facebook and that figure sums it all. If the business owners want their content to be attractive and engaging, they need to incorporate pictures in the posts.

  • Emergence of Google Plus

Google plus has emerged as one of the key players in social media marketing, mainly because of the fact that digital marketers can garner the additional SEO push that Google gives to the Google plus-based traffic. According to some experts Google plus is set to pass facebook in total number of users by 2016 and that clearly states the amount of business that can be done by this relatively new player. In fact, fifty-three percent of the digital marketers have said that they would increase the investment on Google plus, in terms of finance and money in the coming twelve months.

  •  Advertising on facebook

Although there are some disadvantages of using Facebook as a marketing media, such as frequent changes in the interface, minimizing free traffic on the unpaid content and tweaking the type of ads, it can’t be denied that this social giant is the cynosure of all eyes and that what makes it click. Facebook earns 90% of its revenue from advertising and this scenario is not likely to change in the coming years.

  •  Survival of blogging

There were many who thought that blogging has died an untimely death. But the blogging world still survives and still remains to be a medium of inexpensive and directly persuasive way of attracting customers by putting innovative and original content right in front of their eyes. Blogs can be the key driving factor of website traffic if handled wisely. The fact that there are over 100 million blogs on Tumblr and over 63million on WordPress drives home the point that social media, being a content-based medium has actually revitalized blogging.

Social media marketing  is an art of getting virtually engaged with the audiences of several active niche communities available across the leading social networks. Wise thoughts driven ethical social media marketing strategies can truly create buzzes surrounding a product or a brand, provided that the strategies are effectively implemented at the real time.


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