PewDiePie vs. T-Series War – What Your Brand Can Learn?

The internet is all about trends and only a few brands can cash it in. Everyone familiar with most-popular YouTuber PewDiePie will also know about his never-ending battle with Indian record label T-Series. As the competition between the two brands grew, PewDiePie touched one milestone after another. In a period of three months, his subscriber count jumped by 700% and it’s a major fit. The battle with T-Series has become the highlight of the channel and clearly no winner can be predicted as of now. PewDiePie’s subscribers spiked in 2018, while 2017 was a drab year for him, YouTube’s slowdown didn’t affect him at all.

Unpredictability, Popularity and the World of YouTube Trends

You may never know what can become famous over the internet; it can be an immensely talented person or a total maniac doing silly things. The control of it is in the hands of the viewers, as they go on sharing anything which interests them and a wave is created which makes an impact on the people. The weirdest of stuffs have been uploaded on YouTube, ranging from slightly funny to absolute insane. Unpredictability is the buzzword here, things go unplanned.

To persist on digital, brands now have to think beyond marketing and focus on creating content that will actually be liked by the people. Things which are ‘shareworthy’ don’t require much push, it spreads like wildfire and the internet takes care of it.

T-Series vs. PewDiePie – How it all began?

It all started when PewDiePie watched Ekta Kapoor’s serial “Kasam Se’ and gave a hilarious reaction. Ekta Kapoor responded to this matter on Twitter, starting a huge spat, which escalated very quickly.

One such thing which gained popularity on YouTube, in October in 2018 was the epic battle between the two channels for the highest number of subscribers. Yes, PewDiePie v/s T-Series emerged when a survey stated that T-Series at the current rate of growing subscribers would become the most subscribed channel in the first week of December.

Being the most subscribed YouTube channel since 23rd December 2013, PewDiePie’s throne was significantly threatened by the Indian music record label which releases some songs daily along with trailers. Whereas Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, popularly goes by the name of PewDiePie is a Swedish Youtuber. He is famous for comic and video game play-commentator videos.

Many YouTube channels and their artists came to the rescue of the channel of PewDiePie so that it can maintain its prestigious position in YouTube. To name the most prominent ones among them, Justin Roberts another famous YouTuber bought a billboard at New York’s Times Square, costing nearly a million dollars. It was used to attract the audience, and Roberts asked the public to subscribe to PewDiePie’s YouTube channel, and this helped him a lot in gaining a remarkable lead over T-Series in the subscribers count battle.

The reason behind so much promotion of PewDiePie was that almost entire Bollywood backed T-Series. The stars didn’t do actual promotion, but most of the songs getting released in the Bollywood industry are via T-Series which makes it a prominent channel in a country like India. And PewDiePie is just one guy, competing against the entire industry. The fans of both the channels put up a good debate, only to prove why the channel they support is better.

T-Series was also questioned because its followers were not legitimate. But despite all these things, the encounter between both the channels has been quite interesting for the fans to see. The basis of competition is not so clear, as both of them have an entirely different type of audience as well as the platform. PewDiePie is known for making vlogs, doing commentary while playing games and also for funny videos. Whereas T-Series only releases the songs over its channel, so it is quite clear that both of them don’t have any common ground on which they can compete. But still, the battle has attracted a considerable audience.

As of now, the difference between both the channels is merely 3,600 subscribers. Both of them crossing the mark of 87 Million subscribers are having an interesting battle going on. PewDiePie also released a diss over T-Series which is also being used by FlareTV as the background music on the online subscriber count.

Third parties making the best out of it

Amidst the chaos, other people are taking benefit out of the current situation which is going on. The people prefer to take into consideration any such opportunity where they can make some profit while two parties are busy in their own business. A similar thing happened when the battle between PewDiePie and T-Series surfaced on the internet. A lot of people tried to make the best out of it in several ways. Hardly a handful was able to succeed in the same.

Subscribers’ count battle needed more specific data of both the channels to be presented to the users. A screen partition with the real-time subscribers’ count is what was the need of the hour. And many channels took a chance of tracking the subscriber race between the two. Almost 8-10 such channels appeared in the top results when people searched for ‘Tseries vs. PewDiePie’. But as you all know, that only one out of many can enjoy the maximum benefit out of it.

What is FlareTV and its growth?

However, in this battle the one channel that prospered throughout 5-6 months was FlareTV. As it took the opportunity very well and was the first channel to stream the count of subscribers of both the channels. About the same time, many other channels also did the same. But the search was always topped by FlareTV, and they have still held the same position.

Two 16-year-olds from Canada started the channel. Its objective was to give information about the relevant topics over social media, to the general audience. But since they made the first move in respect to this battle, by showing the live count of subscribers between PewDiePie and T-Series since they have grown to a very great extent.

Before the launch of the live stream, in last August the number of subscribers of FlareTV were merely 6,600. But as they launched their stream, the number jumped up to a massive count of 1.5 Million subscribers in just six months. They have experienced enormous growth in their viewership as well. The business which makes the first move remains an advantage over the others, and that’s what FlareTV did. They also provided a platform for all the fans to come over and interact with each other, over the stream itself.

Started just as an information providing source, then they have now a clothing line based on the channel. The revenue that they are generating by ads and by selling by their merchandise like mugs, t-shirts, hoodies have not been made public as yet. The channel is also selling t-shirts featuring PewDiePie and T-Series, which the fans can purchase depending on their preferences.

Lesson for others

As things grew for FlareTV, same can be the case for any channel. All you have to do is sense the right situation and take the step after going through the pros and cons. In the world of YouTube, the video of subscribers count which is streaming online on FlareTV doesn’t require any significant investment, but the outcome achieved through it was tremendous for them. Once you have the audience, you can go on diversifying the contents on your channel.

Although the names of the two entrepreneurs behind the channel have not been revealed, they are satisfied with what they have become at such a ripe age. They have not yet figured out what they will do once the battle is over, but till then they would have to build respectable positions over the YouTube platform.

In a world where reputation on social media counts for a lot, you need to be active to take advantage of the situations. The more attention you pay to the surroundings you work in, the better will be your decision-making skills to act.

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