Perspectives on Indian Digital Space by Women Tech Entrepreneurs: Ankita Gaba | Cofounder & Community Head |

Thursday, 30 March 2023 09:57

A news and content platform covering everything to do with social media influencers and content creators

Over a decade ago, when the social media industry in India was in its nascent stage, I realized that there was no comprehensive platform covering all aspects of it. Hence, I founded Social Samosa, a content and news portal that soon became a successful venture, leading me to sell it after two years of expansion. Recently, I have launched, a news and content platform dedicated to social media influencers and content creators. It has been only 10 days since the launch, but the reaction and feedback have been overwhelmingly positive.

The social media market, both in India and globally, has grown tremendously over the years. With a surge in social media users, the number of social media platforms has also increased. Today, all brands recognize the significance of social media and incorporate it into their marketing strategies. As a result, there has been a notable increase in the number of players in the social media space.

While it's understandable to wonder about the societal impact of one's work, it's essential to recognize that providing employment opportunities is a significant contribution to society. By creating job opportunities through your ventures, you are not only supporting individuals and their families but also contributing to the overall economy.

Additionally, by being an entrepreneur and a role model for other women, you are encouraging and inspiring other women to pursue their dreams and be self-reliant. Your efforts to empower women in entrepreneurship can have a ripple effect and lead to greater gender diversity and inclusivity in the business world, which is a commendable contribution to society.

The future of the industry looks promising, and the growth trajectory is expected to continue upward. As digital technologies become more integrated with offline activities, the potential for social media platforms and the creator economy to expand is significant. It's likely that the creator economy will become the centre of focus for this growth, leading to new opportunities and innovations in the industry. It will be interesting to witness how this integration shapes the future of social media and the broader digital landscape.

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