Perspectives on Indian Digital Space by Women Tech Entrepreneurs | Supriya Sehgal | Co-Founder | The Content Lab

Wednesday, 22 March 2023 10:45

I lead the digital marketing silo of The Content Lab. This part of the business was a fitment to an existing creative studio and production business, so that we could offer early journey and established brands a one-stop solution for their integrated marketing services and content creation.

The digital realm is an evolving space, and the industry has certainly changed over the last few years. Modifications in social media and paid search algorithms, the significance of content creators and ‘followers’ becoming a major currency have been significant markers to these changes. Short format over long-form storytelling, and snackable content are the need of the hour for brands that choose digital as the primary medium of marketing.

Our digital wing works with a number of early journey brands in the earth conscious space.

It’s thrilling to work with brands that want to make a difference. Crafting the voice and presence of vegan, women, clean-ingredients- focused brands is extremely rewarding for us.

I feel that the next three years will find traditional marketing concepts toppled in their heads. The independent creator economy is already on the rise, but it is likely to surpass traditional marketing methods by a far margin. Given this scenario, we hope to further our expertise in this space, and leverage this for our partner brands.

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